Forty-Five Years Through Time And Space

I can’t let today pass by without noting that it’s the 45th anniversary of the longest-running science fiction show in history, Doctor Who.

Doctor Who is a story about a time-traveling wanderer and his companions (human, alien, and otherwise). Through adventures in time and space, the show explores the full breadth of the human experience.

The amazing thing about Doctor Who is its resilience. It has been noted that the series, much like the Doctor himself, continually regenerates. The classic series started in 1963 and continued for twenty-five years, then was kept alive through novels, fan fiction, an American TV movie, and audio dramas until a new series rejuvenated the show in 2005. It is now a number-one programme in Britain, with two series spinoffs plus ongoing novels and audios that extend the classic series.

You may wonder what this has to do with adoption. For me, everything. I started watching Doctor Who when I was ten, around the same time I started wondering about my origins. I followed the show avidly through adopted adolescence and college, and into my adulthood search for my records. The bureaucratic nightmares in trying to obtain my origins, the eventual finding of my birth mother through an intermediary and her subsequent denial, are for me intimately linked with the Doctor’s continual fight for justice, freedom, and the rights of the oppressed. Which is why, as you’ll see at the bottom of the sidebar, the motto of this blog is, “What Would The Doctor Do?

When it comes to stealing babies from mothers and identities from adult adoptees, shaming women who surrender, legalizing child abandonment through “safe havens,” and the rest of the corruption in the adoption industry… these seem no less evil to me than Daleks, Cybermen, disembodied stone hands or blue bloodsucking Viking vampires.

So today, think of the homeless traveler in his old police box, his days like crazy paving. And ask what you, yourself, are going to do about the injustices you see around you.