The Adoptee Perspective On SOPA And Internet Censorship

I’ve posted an article over on my Tech Tips blog about why I’ve decided not to go dark for the SOPA blackout. It’s because I prefer to meet censorship with information. I strongly oppose SOPA/PIPA and encourage you to do the same.
You see, I run a blog that’s not so popular… this blog. It’s been censored before (read this and this) and doubtless is blacklisted in plenty of web content filters. But I’ll be damned if I allow my voice or anyone else’s to be silenced.
If SOPA or bills like it pass, how quickly do you think it will go from “we need to censor these sites to protect the intellectual property of these companies” to “we need to censor the blogs of these adoptees and first mothers to protect the reputation of the adoption industry?”
See Tech Tips for more information on the SOPA/PIPA debate, including links to the latest news and resources you can use to contact your legislators: