Contact Illinois Senate TODAY: Oppose HB 5428, Leaves Some Adoptees Behind

I will be blogging about my experience at the Illinois Senate this week opposing HB 5428, a bill that claims to be about adoptee rights but instead divides us into haves and have-nots. But I wanted to get this advisory out immediately. The Senate will discuss this bill TODAY. Please write ASAP and ask them to oppose this bill.
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Dear Adoption Reform Illinois supporters,
HB 5428 has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee. It will be heard in the Senate today, Thursday April 15, 2010. Please contact the Illinois Senate NOW and ask them to oppose. This bill has been touted as restoring the rights of adult adoptees–but equality should be for ALL adoptees. HB 5428 divides adoptees into haves and have-nots leaving some behind. This is discriminatory and unjust.
Talking points when contacting legislators:
* Identity is identity, whether you are adopted or not.
* ALL adoptees, all people, deserve equal treatment under the law.
* The state of Illinois cannot afford to waste money on this expensive and ineffective bill.
Contact info for senators available on our web site:
or the ILGA web site:
Thank you for your help!


  1. http://Mirah%20Riben says

    what can out of staters do?

  2. Go ahead and contact the Senators anyway (phone or fax) and let them know that HB 5428 does NOT help adoptees regain their rights but instead subjects them to an expensive, ineffective process for which not all adoptees qualify. Equal rights belong to everyone. More talking points on the ARI web site, plus senator contact info:

    Thank you for your help!

  3. You can also pass the word to anyone you know in the adoption community so that more people in Illinois will see this message and contact their legislators.