Vote For Adoptee Rights: They Affect Everyone

Please vote for adult adoptee rights to their original birth certificates, even if you think this issue doesn’t affect you. The final round ends March 12th, and the top 10 issues will be presented in Washington. Click the link below (goes to, or see the sidebar to the right.

And if you think adult adoptee rights don’t affect you, think again. Almost everyone in the United States is touched by adoption. Between the 6 million adoptees, our adoptive families, birth families, spouses, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren… the chances are someone you care about is impacted by adoptees’ lack of access to their original birth certificates.
Take, for example, my mother-in-law. She is not adopted, has not adopted, has not relinquished a child. She does, however, have six sons… and three of them, fully half, ended up marrying women who were adopted. That means a significant number of her grandchildren are minus half their heritage. She supports adoptee rights. She even reads my blog. (Hi, Mom!) She understands that adoptee rights affect everyone.
So please, vote today. Ask your friends, colleagues, loved ones to vote. Even if you think you have no connection, vote. Because a vote for adoptee rights is a vote for equality and identity for everyone.