My Letter: YES on South Dakota SB 152 Adoptee Access Bill

There’s still a few hours left! Please visit the web site below to learn how you can help passage of SB 152, a clean bill that restores adult adoptee original birth certificate access. Hurry, they’re voting today!
I am writing to ask you to vote YES on SB 152, a bill that would restore original birth certificate access to adult adoptees.
For too long, adult adoptees have been denied their civil rights. SB 152 restores those rights by allowing adoptees to access their original birth certificates, without restriction, in the same manner as the non-adopted.
This is a simple matter of identity. It is not about search and reunion, but the rights of everyone to access the unmodified records of their birth. Adoptees who do not have this information are routinely denied driver’s licenses, passports and other necessary documentation. Identity is identity, whether you are adopted or not. South Dakota has the opportunity to acknowledge this right through passage of SB 152.
Thank you for your time.
Triona Guidry
Author of the 73adoptee blog,


  1. Did it pass? Does anybody know? Man, I hope so! Very good of you to post this Tri.

  2. I haven’t heard anything definitive yet.