Novelists Inc. Interview

Thanks to Dara Girard and Novelists, Inc. for interviewing me about my work as a computer consultant and writer. There’s a bit about adoption reform, too. You can find the interview here.


  1. Wow Triona, that is so cool! You are awesome-I love the tittle to that article, When you yearn to smash your computer-I feel like that every day :)You interview really well and I just looked at an issue of Writer’s magazine a couple of months ago-I didn’t know about it but I loved it and want to subscribe-I think it is great you were interviewed in it, is the interview online anywhere so I can see it? I didn’t even know you were a published author-but I knew your wrote well and your style is what kept me reading this blog(other than our feelings on Adoption). I think it is great you wtote a novel about an Adoptee, I hope it gets published, I started one years ago but had no time to finish it-I think sending our message through fiction is a good way to educate the public-you are talented enough to it too-

  2. Thanks, Improper. 🙂 My article was in the November 2009 issue, but not on the web site. You may be able to get the back issue by visiting

    I’ll keep everyone updated on my fiction. So far I have several short stories up for consideration and I’m looking for representation for my novels.

  3. LoL-Talented enough to do it too I meant(somebody seriously needs an editor-and to learn how to freekin type:)

  4. http://legitimatebastard says

    Congrats! Well done! Take a bow! Keep up the good work for both computers and writing of your choice.

  5. arrgh-I forgot to say ty for the link-I will go into it and see if I can back order it-(I’m not feeling good right now-my ear is killing me, I should so get off line). The library in my town has this mag so I may be able to read it there-I’d like one to keep though, just because I know you online and you SO rockamundo.I’d be proud to have that issue:)ttyl

  6. My birthday is also in January. I always get a funny look when I say I hate birthdays! Glad somebody understands!