More Excellent Articles About Adoption

In my previous post about excellent adoption articles, I can’t believe I forgot this one, which is the most accurate public smackdown of the adoption industry I’ve seen in a long while, if ever.

For a corollary, check out Divine Caroline:

And here’s another good article, which is about the addiction many adoption specialists and mental health practictioners have these days to so-called “attachment disorder”, which I think I’ll call DWA (“Driving While Adopted”).


  1. Triona,you’re a good researcher and share well with others! A+

    Have you considered volunteering to part of Adoption Resource Center?I think you’d be a real asset.

  2. Thanks, but at this point with two kids and a lot on my plate, I’m afraid I don’t have time. 😉

  3. thanks thanks for the links. especially Claudia’s dissection of NickFa. NCFA.

  4. Lorraine, you are very welcome!