Update From Threatened Tennessee Adoptee

A while back I posted the story of “Donna”, the adoptee who was threatened by Tennessee DCS for contacting a birth relative who wanted to be contacted. I subsequently posted an open letter from Fr. Jack Sweeley taking Tennessee DCS to task.

I’m glad to report the following update from Donna:

Well, I am in shock! I am the Tennessee girl who got into trouble with DCS for contacting my buncle. My bmother had filed a contact veto after I had contacted him, but I still got in trouble. Anyway, today I received in the mail a letter from DCS saying my bmother had rescinded the contact veto and will allow one phone call and then “we go from there.” I am so excited I am shaking. My first inclination was to pick up the phone and call, but I need to think about all the things I want to say and ask. I don’t want to screw this up. I want further contact. She sent her phone number and address and a current photo. We don’t look anything alike. I have her current last name and her driver’s license number. This was all included for identification I guess. She lives in the same town as me and only a few miles from where my husband grew up. I can’t breathe!!!

Donna has since spoken with her birth mother and hopes for further contact in the future. I am very excited for Donna and pray that their reunion moves forward with positive outcomes for all involved. I’m also glad this takes the heat off her concerning Tennessee DCS’s threats, although I’m sure they’ll take advantage of the situation to chalk her up as another “success” in their statistics much as Illinois did to me.

Congratulations to Donna and her family!


  1. Never say never!

  2. I am so happy the birth family has reconsidered. Our thoughts are with you all the way.


  3. Yay Donna! I am so happy for her!!