Adoptee Rights Day In Philadelphia

This week the Adoptee Rights Day demonstration is taking place in Philadelphia at the State Legislators Conference. If you’re attending the conference, please stop by booth #935 on July 21-23, 2009 and lend your support. Here’s an article about the event.

There has been some discussion in the adoption reform community concerning ARD. Some people are for it, while others are concerned over the way it was handled last year. I am not directly involved in ARD or any adoption reform organizations other than the Green Ribbon Campaign (which is not a sponsor of ARD), but I know people on both sides so I have had to make my own decision about whether to support it. I have decided to do so philosophically if not financially, because I think they are delivering an important message that needs to be heard. (The financial part is moot for me, since I don’t have the funds anyway.) However I would like to see the concerns addressed. Personally I have take it as an opportunity to contact my Illinois legislators again, in the hopes this demonstration will illustrate that the question of adoptee rights is an issue that spans far beyond one single person. I hope you will do the same.

Good luck in Philly, everyone! And thank you for being the voices of those of us unable to attend.


  1. The conference isn’t open to the public You can’t get in unless you’ve paid a hefty fee or are a vendor who paid a hefty fee and have the ID to prove it.

  2. Thanks for the correction, BD.

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  4. Improper, I am right there with you about the NCFA. Seems they get quoted in every single freakin’ article that has anything do with adoption, never mind that adoptees are bona fide experts on adoption through having lived the experience. Our opinions are completely discounted while these so-called “professionals” put words in our mouths.

    I am so glad for ARD pointing out that we can speak for ourselves, thank you very much!

  5. “. . . others are concerned over the way it was handled last year.”
    And the beating goes on.

    Kudos to ARD for their efforts.

  6. I am not sure what the concerns are, since all I know about are the inaccurate spin of one very disgruntled person who abandoned the protest in a very dramatic fashion a few weeks before her responsibilities were to be met.

    If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to ask the organizers who have the actual information about what happened both this year and last.

    Innuendo and slander, not so helpful in the long wrong–really.

    I believe you do know where the web page is to ask the organizers themselves. Thanks

  7. Oh and one more correction, the conference has a lot of vendors-ACLU for example that are a part of our audience, but of course tons of legislators, legislative researchers and staff.

    The event is twofold, one to educate the public about the issue and disinformation surrounding the issue, secondly, lobbying and educating legislators on the issue.

    We had a great reception, and in re: the thanks for my hard-work, you are welcome.

    There were many hours, money, time, sweat and energy donated by many people to organize an event such as this one. I might add it was held during the middle of the week, so even those folks that just showed up on the day were often missing work. So yes, everyone there who took the time out of their busy lives and made the effort does deserve a great deal of thanks.

  8. I know not of how this was handled last year. I am ignorant as to whom the NCFA is and how they effect adult adoptees (someone please inform me in private

    What I do know is “A Day In The Life Of an Adult Adoptee” and a female one to boot! I commend this group for gathering together at a momentus political venue and representing US! I only wish I was able to be amongst them.

    It is a rare opportunity to inform those not in the know of the day to day plight of adult adoptees. So maybe for me ignorance to all you speak of above is bliss. As I am proud of the group and representatives in Philly. They spoke for me!

    Chynna girl

  9. Hi Joy, thanks for your response. I think my only real concern is a clearer understanding of the financial accounting, that’s all.

    Otherwise, I think ARD freakin’ rocks. We absolutely to get more education out there about what the issues are and how our civil rights are being ignored. Most people have no idea it’s even an issue. As you say there is much disinformation spewed by people like the NCFA, and so little true information that even adoptees ourselves are hard-pressed to understand what has been done to us.

    And yes, ARD has made a difference. I came across this blog from a genealogist who thanks to the ARD discovered just what is really going on:

    This is just one example of how this protest is making a real difference in how people perceive us. I hope you and the other ARD volunteers know that your hard work has paid off. Kudos!

  10. Wow it confounds me that the group who insisted that we have a suprefulous permit for 1500.00, that bailed on their commitment to pay for 1/2 the booth which was approx. 2500.00 30 days before the protest and took their non-profit status with them leaving us very little time to scramble and cobble together the funds to pull this off last year now thinks they deserve berate and criticize.

    In all honesty, when we lost the TIN to report under with BN’s sudden and melodramatic exit, we had to report it under our individual social security numbers but I can assure you, anyone who has been filling your head with notions that adoptee rights are a huge cash cow that we are lining anything with was pulling your leg.

    The protest went on at great personal expense for those who traveled and bothered in a bad economy with high fuel costs. We operated at a deficit but due to BN abandoning their commitment and BN having neither the financial nor organizational resources to deal with the inevitable difficulties that present themselves at a national –This year in fact, while Bethany Christian Services seems to have noticed that the Adoptee Rights Demo was happening, an adoptee at having our logo as avatar, and numerous adoptive parents support. BN didn’t even seem to know the protest was happening.

    Oh but wait they did—illustrated by the executive director’s “policy girl’s” if there was ever a good reason for a contact veto-‘s efforts.

    This year with out the last minute ditch, we had time to organize as a non-profit. Our returns will be public record.

    It is a shame such speicous and destructive “criticism” is treated as having validity or as being part of the “adoption community” by an org. that hasn’t had a protest that I have heard about to speak of for over 10 years. I wonder how the other volunteers feel about being stalked and ridiculed by the executive director’s of BN’s BFF? Seems pretty disrespectful. Esp. the tearing apart of a 13 year old girls creative effort.

    As far as the impact we are making, there is quite a bit that you are not aware because I for one am still NYC, and have several projects that we are working on-in development that I have neither the time nor inclination to blog about atm.

    I must admit, one wonders why I bother, certainly I have mine.

    Again, thanks for your support.

  11. Thanks for the pastprologue link, Triona.
    I completely agree that it’s a great example of how open-minded people ‘get it’ when the injustice of closed records (and the ramifications thereof) is brought to their attention.

    The one’s who don’t – well, they wouldn’t anyway.
    I firmly believe that eventually they will be left behind.

  12. Joy, I have no affiliation with BN or anything that happened last year, nor am I speaking for anyone other than myself. I was simply asking for clarification, which you provided. Thank you. I would also like to note that I received a private email from one of the other organizers answering my questions about the finances. I appreciate the efforts and expense all of you have gone through to be the voices for those of us who were unable to attend. And for the record there are a number of us who work behind the scenes on reform efforts which we do not publicize nor get credit for, because we’re not doing it for credit but for the cause.

    Kippa, I agree that the people who don’t get it will eventually fall behind, like racists and homophobes. I just hope that we all live to see our civil rights restored in our lifetimes.

  13. “I just hope that we all live to see our civil rights restored in our lifetimes.”
    I hope so too. Justice deferred is justice denied.

  14. Please—I am not speaking for BN but just about their mouthpiece?

    You have got to be pulling my leg.

    You justify these attacks with a link, as though it is a reasonable question, but don’t ask BN why the heck they shirked their responsibility big time or turned into crazy stalkers?

    Can I remind you that I have my OBC, I have reunion, I have my records.

    You didn’t have five dollars to contribute?

    Guess what?

    I didn’t have the 1200.00 or so it cost me, I BOUNCED my rent check this month, for your rights.

    You sit their smug and “conflicted” over people who sold you out over their weak egos.

    Yes, AGAIN, thanks for your support.

    With friends like these…

    Reminds me of the Ani DiFranco song, “Thanks for saying all the things I cannot say–The thanks I get is to take all the shit for you”


    Please save your philosophical delimma for someone with a lot less to lose, your faint praise is insulting at best.

    When you have left your work,family, when you have spent your money, come back with your “intellectual critique” your “how to have a protest b.s.”

    Our financial records will be transparent. I am in charge of them and guarantee that.

    There will not be a majority of funds spent on some unexplained “insurance”

    Show us up if you are that better than us, show us up.

    Other than that, your crossed armed, looking down help is worthless.

    Thanks for your support for your records.

  15. Joy, if this is the way you react to constructive criticism and kudos, so be it. I am closing comments on this post because we all have better things to do than start flamewars.