Vote For Adult Adoptee Access To Birth Certificates

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. Please go over to if you haven’t already, and vote in favor of restoring adult adoptee access to original birth certificates. (Why? See here.)


  1. Hey Triona:
    I have to totally AGREE with the point I read in your link, “Obtaining one’s information (OBC, adoption file, etc.) isn’t about searching.

    A good friend temporarily living with us the other night just asked me, “What would you do with the information about your background if you received it?”
    I laughed and said, “You and I would drive by the house at night w/binoculars and a flask!”. I said this as yes, I would be curious about my biological beginnings, but I am not necessarily looking for a relationship.

    Not knowing my background, my origins, my beginning, my foundation has left this permanent chip that I just can’t get away from. It follows me like an atomic cloud! It hovers over me emitting it’s invisible toxins in my day to day grind.

    Every time I have to use my amended b.c. which is a copy of it from microfiche and that is all I have there is trauma which leads to my humiliation. Whenever people ask my ethnicity I always stutter and feel ashamed that I don’t have the answer. When doctors ask me my medical history I always lower my head in disbelief that I don’t know something so important.

    So for me, and I think for many of we adoptees, this isn’t about searching at all. It is about knowing the foundation of whom you are and feeling confident that the stuttering will be gone, that the trauma is over and that your head lowering will no longer give you a kink in your neck! It is about knowing all about you and feeling strong and whole.


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