Mother’s Day

This is a special shout-out to all the mothers out there who surrendered children to adoption. Each and every one of you deserves accolade. May your voices be heard and the atrocities you suffered never be forgotten or suffered by the mothers of tomorrow.

To my own mother: I hope someday you will come to understand that my existence is no threat to you, and you will find it in your heart to contact me again. I only want the chance to talk directly, without a governmental chaperone.

To my adopted mother: I’m sorry things didn’t work out better between us, and I hope someday we can accept each other as unique individuals.

To my mother-in-law: Thank you for accepting me into your family, supporting my search, and being as forthright in your way as I am in mine.

To my children: Thank you for being the best damn kids in the universe and for showing me that the word “mother” can be a beautiful thing.