Impressed With Troy Dunn of The Locator

I have to share with you all that I am impressed with Troy Dunn (of The Locator TV series). There’s a thread at FirstMotherForum about his show (here and here). I made a remark and was very surprised to see Lorraine’s followup posting Troy’s direct response to the comments made by myself and others.

I am normally not fond at all of reality TV as a means to search and reunion. But in this case I must give kudos to Troy for doing what most people don’t: listening to the comments of adoptees and mothers, and paying heed. I’m so used to being stereotyped by the media that I am quite flabbergasted. Thanks, Troy, for listening to our concerns, taking the time to address them, and proving me wrong about reality TV always sensationalizing adoptees. I hope you’ll continue to share your open-mindedness with your audience.

ADDENDUM: Since writing this I’ve gotten several reports from people whose experience with this show and others like it have been less than positive. I guess my initial reaction to reality TV as a mechanism for reunion was more accurate than I thought. I’m still glad Troy was willing to listen but I guess it just goes to show that there is a flip side to every coin.


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    Thank you for your kind words and I am sorry somebody swayed your opinion so quickly thereafter. If you knew the pains we go thru (and the hell I put the production company thru) to make sure that all sides of the triad are treated fairly and responsibly, you may find confidence in what we are attempting to do. It’s emotionally draining, sometimes sad, but more times than not, it brings joy to my heart and in the end, it feels like the right thing to do.
    My prayers are with all those in search. May you find the answers and peace you seek.
    Troy Dunn

  2. Troy, thanks for your remarks. I remain impressed that you are taking the time to respond to adoptees and first (birth) mothers online, and to address our concerns. However, I remain wary of the media in general as a mechanism to reunion because I think the potential remains for the situation to become sensationalized. Also, I think quite a number of people search not because they wish reunion per se, but because it is the only way for most of us to obtain any information. If laws in all 50 states were such that sealed records did not exist, I would probably be less wary. I would love to see a show like yours address the difference between the civil right to access one’s original birth certificate and the question of search and reunion. They are two very different things but often become confused when the question of adult adoptee access to records comes up. Those of us whose records are sealed sometimes have no choice but to pursue any avenue we can, which renders us vulnerable to those who would prey upon our lack of access. I have never seen your show so I can’t say whether or not you have addressed the difference between equal access and search, but it is an important distinction which is often lost in media coverage of adoption. Thank you again for your response and I hope you will continue exploring blogs like mine and FirstMotherForum and helping us to counter the disinformation that is out there concerning adoption and records access. (You might also find the Green Ribbon Campaign site helpful: