Real Family Preservation, No Foolin’!

For once I am pleasantly surprised by a Chicago Tribune article. Imagine a program that provides temporary child care so parents can get back on their feet. Without adoption. Without foster care. Just families helping families. Nice!

We need more programs like Safe Families. Let’s take all that money flowing into adoption agency coffers and give it to organizations that believe helping families means keeping them together.


  1. Great article and a great program.

    However I had one bit of “cringe” in the article when we learned that a young mother is visiting a fertility clinic to sell her eggs for money so she keep her child and get back on her feet.

  2. Angelle–I got a cringe out of that too. Maybe if there were more options for families in need, women wouldn’t feel forced into such extremes.

  3. Excellent program! Thanks for the link.

    (Beware, the comment section will make you head spin.)

  4. maybe–no kidding. Can I point out that when you go to the Tribune web site to read this article, you get ads like:

    Adoption Illinois
    Choose Your Baby’s Ideal Family Call Now To Learn More


    Illinois Adoption Agency
    We Match Birth Mothers and Families Open Adoption Agency in Illinois

    I find that horribly offensive, but then again I find all such ads horribly offensive…

  5. I agree its a great program. I cringed at the religious bent.

  6. Thanks for making us aware that someone is doing something about helping families keep their children.

    “I thought I was going to have to give away my son,” said Jenny Lass, 20, of Des Plaines, trying not to cry as she recounted her phone call to an adoption agency two weeks ago.

    That kinda says it all….
    lorraine from