The Plutocracy: Are Illinois Adoptees Lower Than A Chunk Of Rock?

Illinois lawmakers always seem too busy to listen to the need for equality in adoption records access. Of all the letters I have sent I can count the number of replies, including autoresponders, on one hand. Yet our Senate has time to tend to poor Pluto’s demotion from planetary status.

I’m all for supporting a fellow bastard, be it person or planet, but this says to me that my legislators care more about some frozen chunk of rock’s rights than mine. To say I am disgusted is an understatement. If they can make time for Pluto with everything (bleeping golden!) going on in our state government, they better make time to listen to ALL voices of adoption, not just those who happen to be well-connected.

Word on the street is that it’s open season on Illinois adoption records access. Several bills have been filed including some from Rep. Sara Feigenholtz, the state’s go-to person on adoption and also the creator of Illinois’ conditional “leave ’em behind” legislation. If things go the way they did last year with the odious HB 4623, we won’t find out what’s truly in these bills until the chance for public comment is over. In fact, the Illinois House’s Adoption Reform Committee–the people who flip the coin on Illinois adoptees–has already evaluated several records-related bills. Go over to and search for “adoption”. What the committee approves, the rest of the legislature often follows, because the only voices they (choose to) hear are those of “professionals” who claim to speak for every single adoptee and birth relative in creation.

Consider this advance testimony from an Illinois citizen left behind. I call upon our lawmakers to restore the right of adult adoptees to access their original birth certificates without restriction or third-party interference. I want to go to the courthouse and plunk down my $15 like anybody else, and I want each and every one of my fellow adult adoptees to be able to do the same.

If you agree, post your comments here and write our lawmakers to let them know we declare NO COMPROMISE on the civil rights of Illinois adoptees. And you might want to add that it’d be nice if they gave us as least as much consideration as Pluto.


  1. The State of Illinois Goverment has many problems and hidden agenda’s…all of America is watching. Instead of moving forward the State is back to the Al Capone days of corruption at all levels! I am watching for changes for the people that live and work in that State, the ones they pay the salaries…if these
    Senator & Congress Men/Woman do not represent the people…VOTE them OUT!

  2. Your use of the words “open season” certainly brought to mind a vivid image on a wide-eyed deer frozen in the spotlight of an all too eager hunter hoping to bag a quick catch and not even give the deer a fighting chance.

    This truly fits the standard operating procedure of the Illinios Legislature and they’ve gotten away with it far too long.

    It’s time to pull their permits and send them packing; they no longer represent the people.

  3. Yes, my experience is that people would much refer to see adoption as a curiosity, a joke and also they prefer to believe in MYTHS such as the win-win myth, the rescue myth and many more.

    I also never cease to be amazed at the inconsistencies and ironies.