The Elves’ Journey To Springfield

Mary Lynn Fuller has posted an account of Adoption Reform Illinois’ trip to Springfield and our meeting with Illinois Vital Statistics concerning adult adoptee access to original birth certificates. Be sure to check it out, and thanks to all our elves for their hard work!


  1. Thanks for putting up this link. I read the story and applaud the sentiment. I am a mother whose son was taken for adoption thru the Baby Fold in Normal IL. I am thrilled to see that IL Adoptees are taking a stand. BRAVO!
    Sandy Young
    Mom who would like to help!

  2. Sandy, we would be glad for your help. Illinois legislators are convinced that ALL Illinois first moms want “privacy.” The more moms we get to counter this assumption, the better!

    Mary is awaiting the DVD of the news coverage from WCIS in Springfield; when it’s available I’ll post a link.