Rescheduled Santa: Adoption Reform Illinois

See also Mary Lynn Fuller’s Rights of Adoptees blog. This press release is available in a pdf.

Adoption Reform Illinois

December 27, 2008

Santa Advisory
What adult adoptees STILL want for Christmas is their original birth certificates

WHO: Santa’s elves (Adoption Reform Illinois, a coalition of adoption reform advocates) were delayed by an ice storm forcing them to reschedule their planned delivery of…

WHAT: …letters to Santa from triad members requesting his help in obtaining Illinois adoptees’ original birth certificates will be delivered to the Department of Public Health,

WHERE: Vital Records, 605 W. Jefferson St., Springfield, IL

WHEN: December 29, 1 p.m.

WHY: Adopted adults in Illinois cannot access their original birth certificates, a
right all other Illinois natives take for granted. AFI member organizations works to recover the right of people everywhere to have access to their original birth records, upon demand, unaltered and free from falsification.


When adoptions are finalized in Illinois, an adoptee’s original birth documents are sealed in perpetuity. The only recourse for an adopted adult is to go to court and petition for the original birth certificate. [ 750 IL CS 50/18 ].

Adoption Reform Illinois is a coalition of adoption reform organizations and individuals who oppose disappointing legislative proposals to create multiple classes of adoptees, some of whom would be denied access to information about their own identity. ARI opposes substituting mandated mutual consent registries or intermediary systems in place of fully open records and do not support any other system that assures anything less than access on demand to the adopted adult, without compromise and without qualification. (For an explanation of the difficulties with conditional legislation see


For more information or to arrange a telephone interview with Santa:

Anita Walker Field: Phone: 847-677-0694/Email:
Mary Lynn Fuller: Phone: 217-722-4814/Email:
Triona Guidry: Phone: 847-540-5938/ Email:


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