Strange And Mournful Day

Next week is Strange And Mournful Day, a day to honor and recognize mothers forced to surrender their children during the Baby Scoop Era (BSE). For adoptees like me, these are our birth mothers. So if you see women wearing black, white, and red, ask them why.


  1. http://Anonymous says

    Thank you for naming the attrocity I have only barely survived emotinally for 38 years.I feel less alone. A note, I recently found my son after all of this time; but what a sad waste; the sould sickness. Black, red and white? I will wear it always.

  2. I didn’t even know about this. It always amazes how many things about adopiton I don’t know about when I am an adoptee myself. Like RegDay or NAD or groups like BN and more. I myself just recently found out about all of those.

    It just reinforces the stigma you know. I am sad to see that more people have not commented here in regards to this day.

    So it is next week. I know I myself will keep my eyes peeled for the ribbons and feel proud to approach these mother’s and tell them I wish they were mine.

    Chynna Luschen

  3. I think it is nice to honor birth mothers. We know that there were many who were underage and the decision was made by their parents that the baby had to be placed for adoption.

  4. Rereading this all amazes me, also. Besides the ribbons (black, red ans white now “my colors”), I was 18; my son born 2 days before my 19th birthday. I was not really a child myself, or “underage”. Can a woman capable of being a mother be thus? We were a family untoourselves. Why couldn’t anyone see this? The coersion was by “loving” friends and family, plus the pressure remained on by daily phonecalls from a “caring” group of health professionals and lawyers when I expressed my child with me. In the end, they won. Fearing “Return of the First Mother” is over for me; he is found, now, “tag”, his turn to tell me what he feels. I am ready and can accept anything because he is real beyond my faded rememberance.