Illinois: Santa Needs Your Letters!

From the Rights Of Adoptees blog (see also my previous post):

Santa wants the letters received by December 5th. If bad weather would set in and icicles form on Rudolph’s nose, it can take longer to travel.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Santa cannot bring anyone their OBC for Christmas but Santa CAN do something very useful to further adoptees’ struggle to obtain the same rights as other state residents. By writing a “letter to Santa”, you can also help to raise awareness of the inequities of Illinois law. If you are an adoptee, write a letter to Santa that requests your OBC for Christmas. If you are the parent, sibling (or other relative) or friend of an adoptee, write your letter to Santa requesting that he bring the adoptee his OBC for Christmas. Since we are constantly hit over the head with birth parent privacy as the reason adoptees cannot access their OBC, if you are among those who surrendered a child to adoption, you can help by adding that you never wanted to be anonymous to your own child. There are genealogists who have found adoptees on their family tree and they should write letters also. We welcome others willing to help with our cause. Keep your letters brief and to the point. Don’t introduce information that muddies the water. Contents of a few of these letters will be shared with the media (with identifying information removed, of course). The letters will be delivered by Santa or one of his elves to the Department of Vital Records with appropriate news coverage to increase public awareness of this issue.

Please send letters to:

c/o Mary Lynn Fuller
109 W. Illinois St., Apt. 506
Urbana, IL 61801

Write today! Thank you and a blessed holiday season to all!


  1. Please write on behalf of IL adoptees even if you don’t know someone adopted in IL. We need all the letters that we can get. The larger bag of letters that Santa or an elf delivers the more impact that we will create with the news media. Public awareness that IL adult adoptees can not legally obtain a copy of their OBC is what the campaign is about. Just a sentence asking Santa to bring all IL adult adoptees their OBC is sufficient. There are birth mothers who want their son/daughter to have their OBC so writing on behalf of birth mothers would be great too. Multiple letters can be mailed in one envelope.

    Writing letters to Santa could result in news media attention for other states with closed records.

  2. I actually wrote my letter a few weeks ago. I thought this idea was really ingenious!

    I encouraged my husband and family members to write as well. They were all thrilled to do so. So from them were funny and some were sad on my behalf. They have lived with me all these years and have seen first hand the toll of not being able to have access to MY OWN information. The toll was on them as well.

    It felt really good to tell you the truth to do something as a family towards my endeavor to have records & OBC. It felt really good.