Adoption Activists, Fight Back!

Oh, yes, Adoption BEWareness Month has indeed begun, and all the insects are crawling out of the woodwork.

This article is the sort of insane drivel that gives me the holy heebie jeebies. I can’t even read it all the way through without a heavy dose of something. Is that like an adoption reform version of the Drinking Game? One sip if the article mentions adoption, two if it only shows the viewpoint of adoptive parents… whole beverage if adoption reformers are reduced to rabid fanatics scurrying about the underbelly of society.

Yes, if you oppose being treated like a second-class citizen, being unable to obtain a driver’s license or indeed even a usable birth certificate, according to this woman you are a raving lunatic who should shut up and go back to being silently ungrateful. Shame, shame, shame on every last one of us adoption reformers for standing up for ourselves because no one else will.

Thanks to Kite Kamp Girl for pointing this article out, I think. Now I need a barf bag.

And thanks also to Ms. Saxton. Your article goes to show that we supposedly psychopathic but apparently effective adoption reformers are making an impact that is being felt far and wide.


  1. I was about to do a post on this article. What an offensive piece of nonsense.

    She managed to hit every stereotype we are all fighting to correct.

    Still may post on it.

  2. It’s absolutely astounding, like she forgot to set her Wayback Machine to the 21st Century. Think she’d like to play our D&D version of Adoption Stereotypes? She strikes me as the epitome of the Entitled Adopter.

  3. An addendum: Go read her replies on Amy’s blog (


  4. Marley has also posted on her blog.

    Apparently the publishers of the original article are resorting to removing comments from disgruntled adoptees and birth parents in order to silence us.

    The author is also planning another article about Bastard Nation and Unsealed Initiative, presumably as lacking in facts as this one.

  5. Okay so holy cow….where should I even begin:
    *So I am a disgruntled adoptee? Thanks for further adding to my already existing stigma as an adoptee.

    *I should continue to be kept a secret as I may disrupt the BM’s new life and her REAL children will be oh so devestated…oh, and you asked your priest so now we all KNOW that is what we should do!
    Thanks and yet again for further driving the stake into my existence and confirming that YES, you are something, not even someone, but something that the BM should have been ashamed about and therefore you are shame itself.

    *Thanks for confirming your all knowing expertise on how ADVOCATE groups such as BN are anti-adoption?
    Somehow when I was on their site I never saw anti-adoption, but AGAIN since I am shame itself I know nothing so thanks for educating me.

    I mean what hell! Really…what the hell. I would have been really bruised by this to tell you the truth if it wasn’t for the fact that it was SO IDIOTIC and downright intent to hurt. I just chalked it up to someone else whom is clearly uninformed, uneducated, narrow in thinking, not an adoptee or BFAM, and just an idiot.

    My mom who is an adoptive MOM would be horrified by this. If my Dad were alive today he would laugh and tell me to not listen to ignorance as I am better than that.

  6. Hi, it’s one of those awful anti-adoption, birth/first mothers here…right on all of you.

    Let us all remember: Well-behaved women seldom make history.

    And unless we act up and act out, we are never going to get those records open and adoption as I knew it over and out.

    –lorraine dusky