Targeted For Adoption

It’s a dirty secret that children are targeted for adoption. This time it’s happening in my own backyard. Check out this story from the Chicago Tribune.

The lawsuit charges that authorities “tore a healthy and happy toddler from her innocent parents.” Then, it alleges, child welfare investigators “held the toddler hostage until the parents agreed to forfeit their constitutional rights to live without unwarranted restrictions.”

Two child welfare investigators and two Tinley Park police officers visited the Evans home and found her “safe and well-cared for,” the lawsuit said. Days later, DCFS social workers took the child from her parents for several hours.

The social workers then, according to the suit, threatened the parents with the continued custody of their daughter and placement in a shelter “unless they signed a so-called safety plan restricting their custodial rights.”

Note that the initial investigation found her “safe and well-cared for,” yet Illinois DCFS shows up days later to take the child. Also note the mention of a “safety plan restricting custodial rights,” because that’s how it begins. Once an allegation is made, no matter how wild, parents are considered guilty and are hard-pressed to prove otherwise.

Why target children for foster care and adoption? Because it’s lucrative, as explained in this article about babysnatching in Britain:

Meanwhile, millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money has been given to councils to encourage them to meet high Government targets on child adoptions… This sweeping shake-up was designed for all the right reasons: to get difficult-to-place older children in care homes allocated to new parents. But the reforms didn’t work. Encouraged by the promise of extra cash, social workers began to earmark babies and cute toddlers who were most easy to place in adoptive homes, leaving the more difficult-to-place older children in care.

The secrecy surrounding foster care and adoption works to the snatchers’ advantage. From the same article:

Crucially, the courts’ culture of secrecy means that if a social worker lies or fabricates notes or a medical expert giving evidence makes a mistake, no one finds out and there is no retribution… From the time a child is named on a social services care order until the day they are adopted, the parents are breaking the law – a crime punishable by imprisonment – if they tell anyone what is happening to their family. Anything from a chat with a neighbour to a letter sent to a friend can land them in jail. And many have found themselves sent to prison for breaching court orders by talking about their case.

Another example comes from Kentucky, where social worker whistleblowers accused the state’s Child Protective Services of pressuring birth families and staff to boost adoption rates. Further, those in positions of power were actually able to place orders for children:

The high-adoption trend apparently began in 2004, when adoptions in Kentucky ballooned to 724 while the federal bonus money more than doubled from $452,000 the previous year to more than $1 million.

“The Cabinet puts pressure on stats because federal and state money come from statistics,” said another social worker who wants her identity concealed for fear of retaliation against her family. “You get praised. The Cabinet praises you for terminating rights and adopting kids out immediately.”

She said the concerted effort to take children away and put them up for adoption was so brazen, she actually saw someone successfully place an order for children.

“Someone could not have a child and wanted a child so within the community,” the social worker said. “This person saw a family in distress, having a hard time, relayed to workers that they would like those children, and that’s exactly what has happened.”

And a former CPS supervisor, who also wants anonymity for fear of retaliation, said if an order for a child was delayed or denied, her supervisors would overturn local decisions.

“This one family was promised a child, and when it happened that this child was going to be reunified with the parent, they called our regional office, and our regional office came in our county and they harassed the birth parents and that kind of thing because they didn’t agree with our decision,” the former supervisor said.

There’s no guarantee that a child will be protected once in foster care. In a recent case in Georgia, the natural parents were scant weeks away from getting their child back when the foster caregiver let the girl suffocate in a van. One little boy named Donte May from Peoria, Illinois, is remembered only in a scattering of blog posts:

All wars have casualties, and the war against child abuse provides no exception. In the state of Georgia alone, 433 of our children have died while in the hands of the state over a period of some several recent years. Even a cursory review of recent press accounts reveals: In Peoria, Illinois, the state’s child welfare agency “rescues” Donte May from a neglectful and possibly abusive mother, only to place him in a foster home where he dies suspiciously from bleeding in the brain.

Of course, the canonical example of targeting children for adoption is the recent Texas “sect” case, in which officials were clamoring to adopt the kids out practically before they even raided the compound. And, as we all know, Texas was forced to return those kids. That’s the exception, not the rule.

Illinois DCFS has had a boatload of problems in the past, charged with failing to provide basic services and allowing negligence and abuse. And it appears to be common knowledge that Illinois DCFS targets children for adoption. Such targeting is more widespread than is generally believed, so much so that there are web sites and blogs dedicated to helping people fight false allegations and try to reclaim their kids.

I hope this lawsuit sheds light on this reprehensible practice, and that these families can find some healing after such horrific experiences.


  1. Excellent! This explains why adoptions happen to children who already have families. If you want to raise the profile of this issue with media watchers go to and review it:

  2. Too many children have died as a result of wrong decisions by CPS. With power comes responsibility and accountability, which most officials ignore. A child welfare system so overwhelmed with children who DON’T need to be in foster care,the less time they have to find children in real danger.

    The CPS is actually wrong on both sides more than half of the time. In fact, the figure was 80% by four different studies by four different independent organizations. The CPS took away children who were not abused nor neglected 80% of the time. The CPS passed up taking away children who were abused 80% of the time and left them in danger.

    Let’s NOT allow these precious children’s death to be in vain – in the news one day, forgotten the next.
    Children Who Didn’t Have to Die – Website

  3. I am once again sickened and wonder why I am surprised. There are and have always been, people who want to play God, entirely forgetting that God did it all for free.

    It seems that if a woman even questions her own ability to keep her child, the carpet-baggers are all over her, preying of her self-doubt…something I believe all mothers experience at one time or another. It’s only normal to doubt our own ability when facing the unknown or life changing situations.

    And now, to add insult to injury, when a woman or a couple overcome any self doubt they might have had and decide that they can raise the child, purses of the State seem to be bottomless pits — never quite full enough. The woman or the couple and the innocent child become victims of greed all under the guise of doing what’s best for the child while playing God for a profit.

    The very idea of targeting cute babies and toddlers to make a buck or that the State would encourage, perhaps even set quotas for such horrific behavior is more than enough to make me want to throw up while still trying to convince myself that we are actually governed by anything even closely resembling a democracy.

    I realize as a country we have out-sourced hundred of thousands of jobs, we are no longer the leading producer of goods and we are involved in a war against terrorists at a cost of ten million dollars a month (not to mention the loss of lives)and the country as a whole is in the crapper financially. However, I hardly think that is a sufficient excuse to foster, encourage and reward terrorism of another kind.

    There is no excuse; terrorism is terrorism. If we can fight it on other shores perhaps we need to fight it here as well.

    Good for the whistle-blowers; good for you for blogging about this outrageous practice…keep up the good work!

    Peace to you and those you love,
    Aunt Patty

  4. It is no longer safe to have a child in America.

  5. There is another case in Oklahoma. The DHS worker has made enough threats against the grandmother. The problem lies with the fact that her daughter was at a Catholic Charities Maternity Home up near OKC. The mother and babe fell asleep. The babe was on Mom’s shoulder. DHS came in and took the child at the word of a social worker. This social worker has been arrested for bad checks across Oklahoma and Arkansas. She also has been charged with bad debts. She was also actually fired from the Attorney General’s office because of her “bad check” issue. She is now saying that my friend, Dana, has been threatening her via in the court room, phoning and other things. They are contemplating removing her computer from her home to get her to shut up about it. It happens all over the place.

  6. This is horrible and needs media attention. Happenings like this must make some couples question if they should even seek any type of counseling. It could create fear about if their children might be placed in foster care and then permanently taken from them when there is no need.