Adoption Reform Illinois Letter To Legislators

Please see the Adoption Reform Illinois letter to legislators (pdf) and press release (pdf).

Adoption Reform Illinois
October 20, 2008

To The Members of the Illinois State Legislature:

On behalf of adopted adults born in our state, Adoption Reform Illinois and its supporters around the country request that you vote against Illinois House Bill 4623. As written, HB 4623 offers some adopted adults a chance to access their original birth certificates but bans others from access to theirs. This bill turns the matter into a question of search and reunion instead of addressing the civil right of all persons, without exception, to access their records.

We formally request that you will sponsor a new bill to restore the right of access to original birth certificates to all Illinois adopted adults. We propose the following alternative to HB 4623:

“All adopted adults, upon reaching the age of majority and upon written request, shall be able to request and receive a copy of their original birth certificate without any restrictions or falsifications on the certificate, in a manner identical to that of all other non-adopted citizens of the state.”

With the state budget in crisis, we urge our legislators to forgo HB 4623 and its enlargement of the Illinois Adoption Registry and Confidential Intermediary programs. These programs are rarely successful (by their own statistics, a match rate of less than 17% through March 2008*) and charge fees that are to expensive for many. By returning the right of Illinoisans to access their adoption-related records, we could eliminate the cost of these expensive and ineffective programs.

Please support the right of all Illinois citizens to access their records equally.


Anita Walker Field
Illinois Open

Triona Guidry
Midwest Coordinator Green Ribbon Campaign For Open Records

* see, as originally posted at

Ann Wilmer
Green Ribbon Campaign
for Open Records

Lorraine Dusky
Author, “Birthmark”

Marley Greiner
Bastard Nation:
The Adoptee Rights Organization

Mary L. Fuller
Founder, FamAdopt
Illinois Born and Adopted

James R. Marsh, Esq.
The Marsh Law Firm PLLC
ChildLaw Blog,

Joyce Bahr
NY Statewide Adoption Reform
Illinois Birth Mother

Patricia Marler
Oklahoma Open Record Org.

Amy Burt
Indiana Open
Coleman Moms and Babes

Margaret S. Lyburtus
Illinois Birth Mother

Keli Galvin
Illinois Birth Mother

Peter Kristian Mose
Illinois Born And Adopted

Bonnie Pierce Spinazze
Adoptee And Illinois Resident

Nancy West McGuire
Reunited Adoptee

Theresa Hood

Lisa Kay Floyd-Morash

Gerald H. Bailey


  1. I am appalled.

    I had a Florida drivers’ license when I was a student at the university but I have no clue where it is now.

    And guess what, I don’t have a decree of adoption? I’ve never been able to get one. Now, how anyone can tell the difference between an ABC and an OBC just by looking, I’m not sure but this is very worrisome.

    And it should be in the news!!