Adoption-Fortified Pro-Life Slogans

This election really has me in a lather, as far as the abortion debate. Some pro-lifers seem hell-bent on stopping abortion with no thought whatsoever to *gasp* actually supporting mothers and children in need. Instead they chuck those infants into the adoption mill, which is about as savory as a puppy mill. The message “abortion is murder” implies that adoption is salvation, but adoption can be murder too, as sadly memorialized here, here, and here. Please take a moment to light a virtual candle for murdered adoptees, and those who still suffer abuse and neglect.

I think it’s high time we added adoption to anti-abortion slogans. In the spirit of the marvelous yet truly disturbing Adoption Apparel Translator (baby bibs reading “Born In Africa, Loved In The USA,” perfect for publicly humiliating your infant adoptee), I humbly offer the following Adoption-Fortified Pro-Life Slogans. Delicious, nutritious and chock-full of all those inconvenient truths that seem to be missing from the Right To Life brand. And it’s melamine-free!

  • Abortion Stops A Beating Heart…
    Adoption Sells It To The Highest Bidder
  • Abortion Kills…
    A Perfectly Good Chance To Make A Buck Selling Babies
  • It’s Not A Choice, It’s A Child…
    Buy Yours Today – Or Be Like Brangelina And Adopt A Complete Set!
  • One Abortion: One Dead, One Wounded…
    One Adoption: Two Life Sentences
  • Abortion: Infant Genocide…
    Adoption: Human Trafficking
  • Abortion Is Like Magic: It Makes Babies Disappear…
    Adoption Is Like A Fun-House Mirror: It Distorts The True Picture
  • Abortion: The Hand That Robs The Cradle…
    And Pockets The Proceeds
  • Pregnant? Scared? We Can Help…
    Ourselves To Your Marketable Infant
  • Adoption: The Caring Option…
    Caring About Our Agency’s Profits
  • Keep Your Laws Off My Tiny Body
    But Feel Free To Adopt Me To Pedophiles And Murderers
  • Blacks Didn’t Choose Slavery, Jews Didn’t Choose Genocide, Babies Don’t Choose Abortion
    We Don’t Choose Adoption Either, But That’s Not In The Brochure
  • Smile! Your Mom Chose Life!
    Frown If She Was Forced To “Give You A Better Life” Through Adoption

and a personal favorite:

  • Choose Life
    But For Heaven’s Sake, Don’t Give Those Bastards Their Birth Certificates Or It Will Be THE END OF THE WORLD!


  1. Well written, Triona! I get so sick of so many concerned about placing a baby for adoption but not enough concern about what happens to that adoptive child. And, heaven forbid the adult adoptee who would like to receive their OBC.

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  3. Excellent! Seems we both blogged abut similar thing:

    We need to seriously study the writing of George Lakoff and control this argument with language and posiive framing!

  4. Your personal favorite slogal certainly works for me!

  5. A long time ago another mother and I went to the the organaization that was fighting for abortion rights in Canada. CARAL – Canadian Association for the Appeal of Abortion Laws.

    We went because of exactly what you are speaking off in your post – we were tired of hearing adoption portrayed as the no muss no muss, walk in the park, alternative to abortion.

    They were doing a lot of media and we suggested that they address this misinformation in some of their ads.

    Ideally you don’t want to be in a position where you are considering either of these options but a number of mothers who have experienced both say the trauma of adoption is worse.

    The woman we talked to talk us flat out that she had a daughter who was having trouble getting pregnant and therefore, well….

    It was an early lesson I have never forgotten.

  6. I can’t figure out if you are pro-choice or anti-choice. Adoption certainly has disastrous results sometimes. However, there are many wonderful results as well. I struggle every day with being an adoptee whose bParents won’t meet with me or even communicate. However, I have wonderful adoptive parents whom I love deeply and for whom I was a cherished gift. So would my adoptive parents be better off without a child to have raised and loved? Would I be better off to never have existed? Surely the latter question is not easily answered, because I would not know if I didn’t exist. But I guess, for what it’s worth, I’m glad I’m alive. (Regardless, I am pro-choice.) At any rate, I guess what I’m getting at is that what we need is more regulation of adoption, not its eradication.

  7. Some say: Adoption Aborts the Mother

  8. I’d like to put a link to your site on my blog… please please please tell me if you want the link removed, and I’ll remove it immediately.

    i agree so much w/ you (and the others) that pro-lifers skew the whole abortion thing to “save a life” while at the same time ruining two –

  9. Go for it, Cheerio, happy to pass it along.