Action Alert: Illinois Open Records Legislation

If you are an Illinois adoptee or birth mother, let your voice be heard on pending adoption records legislation.

Adoption Reform Illinois opposes Illinois House Bill 4623, a bill that permits some adoptees to access their original birth certificates while banning others from doing so. We hope you will join us in opposing this bill and supporting unrestricted original birth certificate access in Illinois.

If you would like to participate, please contact me at me-at-73adoptee-dot-com.


  1. it’s far worse. It’s an intermediary bill and it is not just about access to birth certificats but ALL records.

    I am very much opposed to it.

    It is amazing that alleged “rights of privacy” of mothers are touted and yet exploited in allowing access to records that violate her HIPPA rights and contain judgments of social workers.

    All people deserve EQUALITY in regards to privacy and in regards to access to birth certificates that refer to them. No more and no less.

  2. All IL adult adoptees must have unrestricted access to their OBC. We can’t settle for less as proposed in HB 4623. I hope that no one will sit back thinking that others are taking care of adoption reform in IL. Everyone is needed!