Google “Bastard” Update (Or Is It Bastard “Google” Update?)

As an update to our earlier conversation about Google’s censorship of the word “bastard,” I caught this little gem from one of my favorite IT sources.

A Google spokesman said that publishers do have control over the adverts that appear beside a story and can stop particular adverts appearing. He also said that Google itself carries out some work to avoid insensitive matches.

“Google automatically uses technology to stop ads appearing around sensitive issues, such as a plane crash,” said the spokesman. “Technology recognises sensitive topics and does not serve ads which might seem insensitive.”

Guess that depends on your definition of “insensitive.”

Here’s the Google AdSense Review Center. This seems more geared for stopping certain ads on your page, which may be of benefit to AdSense-using adoption reformers who want to get rid of those adoption agency and expectant-mom-lure ads that pop up at the keyword “adoption.” But it doesn’t address the larger issue of Googling “bastard,” akin to how Googling “breast” brings up cancer research instead of breast cams.

Except… guess what? I can Google the word “bastard” again now. Just goes to show, folks… don’t let them get you bastards down.


  1. Way to go, Triona! No, we should never let Google or anyone ever get us down. They need to know that we are here to fight for what is right.