Action Alert: Letters To Santa, Adoption Reform Illinois

As posted by Mary on her Rights Of Adoptees blog:

Adoption Reform Illinois Needs Your Help
WANTED: Letters to Santa Claus

Adoption Reform Illinois wants to raise public awareness that adult adoptees cannot legally obtain an original birth certificate in Illinois.

Those who should write letters are:

  • adoptees
  • birth parents
  • adoptive parents
  • relatives, i.e. spouses, children, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and those who have found an adoptee on their family tree
  • friends who are aware of the need someone is feeling to have an original birth certificate

Letters should be addressed to:

Santa Claus
% Mary Lynn Fuller
109 W. Illinois St., Apt. 506
Urbana, IL 61801

Letters can be signed with just a first name or your full name. Just keep in mind that your letter could be selected to submit to the news media. Although Christmas is a few weeks away, write now. “Santa” will deliver the letters to Vital Records in Springfield before Christmas. The more letters, the better!

Example letters but please use your own words:

  1. Dear Santa,

    All I want for Christmas is my original birth certificate. 50 years ago when my adoption was finalized, it was sealed. I have family and friends who were not adopted and they have their OBC.

    Mary (last name optional)

  2. Dear Santa,

    All I want for Christmas is for my wife/husband/sister/brother/daughter/son/niece/nephew/granddaughter/grandson to have their original birth certifcate.

    Thank you,
    Mary (last name optional)

  3. Dear Santa,

    While tracing my family history I’ve discovered that my great-grandmother was adopted. All I want for Christmas is her original birth certificate so that I can prove lineage to join societies.

    Thank you,
    Mary (last name optional)

  4. Dear Santa,

    My friend Sandy is adopted and has been denied her original birth certificate. All I want for Christmas is for Sandy to have it.

    Mary (last name optional)


  1. We need all the letters that we can get for Santa to deliver to Vital Records. It is a way to raise adoption awareness of the IL law preventing many from having their OBC.

  2. Triona, you have just inspired me! Instead of wearing yet another colored ribbon [way overused], let’s all wear Santa Hats!
    Will draw plenty of attn and shows up well on TV and in photos.

    Lisa Kay
    Florida Adoptee ISO bFamily
    Born Jan 1963 – Gainesville, FL