Welcome Lorraine Dusky And Firstmother Forum!

I’m delighted to forward this announcement from Lorraine Dusky, author of the seminal book “Birthmark,” one of the first true tellings of a surrendering mother’s perspective.

I first read “Birthmark” nearly fifteen years ago, as I was just starting to question my adopted existence. Her words, candid and unapologetic, struck chords in me I didn’t know existed. Through her experience I started to understand what my mother experienced surrendering me.

I’ve put the new Firstmother Forum in my Blogroll (below, to the right). Here you’ll find news feeds from a variety of bloggers speaking out about adoption.

These ladies have been tellin’ it like it is for years, and we’re glad to see them tellin’ it on the Internet. Welcome, Lorraine, Jane, and Linda!

Yo, ye friends of adoption reform–
Ok, I did it, and though I know I am a late-comer (very), I still found that I was pouring out my feelings to friends in emails and so… I decided…First Mother Forum, a name given to me by my friend, Linda Bolton of New Jersey.

Add it to your bookmarks and check in, post comments–please. Okay, yes, I am trying to get a little traffic going. And right now I feel like I am swimming upstream against a current of other bloggers and people trying to get your attention, but well, you can’t be a part of the revolution by standing at the gate.

I think the blog will be more about commentary about current events and how they relate to us, legislation efforts rather simply an than an examination of feelings, though I am sure that will come into this too. As in, How did you feel about Juno? I was so angry at the movie…and I’m sure there are a million other things like that…as today’s post relates, about a new documentary, Bittersweet. MTV is up to the same thing too, for a show called Real Life.

I’m not sure how to do some of the things that I need to do to get this a wider audience, but I’ll learn–I don’t even know how to use my digital camera yet! which Marley has used to good advantage at the Pittsburgh conference.

If you can post a connection to the link on other sites, or forward this too interested parties, please do. thanks for your time and have a good day–


  1. Years ago conversations with a birth mother was educational to me. It was unfortunate that my search took so long that my birth parents died while I was searching. But if I had found them alive, I do believe that I would have been more understanding, especially toward my birth mother than I would have been if it had not been for becoming close friends with Judy.

    I feel it is very important for adoptees to converse with birth mothers and vice versa.

    It is great that some birth mothers have started blogging.

  2. Just to say–hey thanks!


  3. Please check out my blog


    I like your information on the Crazy Adoptee is the searching one. Yea I have gotten that feeling when people are like enough already. Aren’t you happy with what you already found? I am like no way and I am not stopping till I find all 7 of my brothers. Then I get the crazy look. LOL