Thanks Again, News-Gazette And Joan Griffis – 73adoptee In The News

I’d like to extend a sincere thank you to Joan Griffis of the (Champaign, Illinois) News-Gazette. She has published a followup to her genealogy column mentioning adoptee records access and the opposition to Illinois HB 4623, and highlighting my 73adoptee website and blog.

As Ms. Griffis writes:

No doubt there are other adoptees in Illinois who have fought the losing battle to obtain records that should be rightfully accessible. Our Illinois lawmakers need to correct this injustice and oppose HB 4623.

Although the article is not available from the News-Gazette website, Mary Lynn Fuller has been kind enough to put it on her website. I hope you will all contact Ms. Griffis and the News-Gazette and thank them for supporting adult adoptee records access.

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  1. It is not often that the news media supports adult adoptees’ desire for open records. Joan Griffis writes an excellent genealogical column and I am so thankful that she realizes that adoptees too have rights. Many tracing their family history do find that an ancestor was adopted so closed records are hindering their research. I can’t help but think that Joan Griffis has many followers and my hope is that this article will lead to people contacting their legislators.