Day For Adoptee Rights

On July 22, 2008, a demonstration took place at the Conference of State Legislatures Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, in support of adult adoptees’ rights to access their records.

I salute all those who participated in and sent good thoughts toward these endeavors. Although we live in different states, we face similar discrimination.

In addition to the event in New Orleans, a parallel protest was organized in Rochester, NY. Here is more information on Day For Adoptee Rights, and links to what scant media coverage I’ve been able to find about this event. (Plenty in the papers about Angelina’s twins, though, in case you had any doubt about what’s newsworthy.)

Don’t forget about RegDay 2008 from the International Soundex Reunion Registry! And let me know if you find more coverage, I’ll post the links.


  1. I’m glad that there was some good news coverage. But the quote from Rodney Huey with the National Council for Adoption in the New Orleans Times made me see red. I have e-mailed Nicole Dungca, the news reporter and urged her to publicize the truth. The truth needs to be publicized about this lie that has been told for too many years about birth mothers being promised confidentiality. Over the past 30 years I have been in touch with many birth mothers and have yet for one to tell me that she was promised confidentiality. Uneducated persons like Huey continue to do their best to slow down the adoption reform movement.

  2. Add me to the list. Of course I wanted to be found.

    This argument is baloney. In their misguided way, I hear adoptive parents groups believe fewer women will relinquish if they are not promised confidentiality. Nobody was ever “promised” confidentiality.

    Thanks for posting the info about New Orleans. I was trying to find some.