Illinois HB 4623 Adoption Bill Update

The latest on dupe-adoptionland bill Illinois HB 4623 is that it has been re-referred to the Rules Committee. This means it could be rewritten with who knows what gotchas, and brought for a vote without further discussion or public comment.

I continue to encourage you all to write Illinois lawmakers and media in opposition of this bill.


Speak from your heart. But if you are searching for what to say, here are some points you might want to make:

  • When birth certificates were sealed retroactively (in 1945), the rules were changed mid-game.
  • Issuance of an amended birth certificate (ABC) is NOT automatic. There is no guarantee that the adoptee’s birth identity will be erased. If the relinquished child is NOT adopted, his/her name is not changed, no ABC is issued.
  • The OBC (original birth certificate) is an important vital record that pertains to the adoptee, but control of that document rests in the hands of the natural parents who relinquished all rights! And this persists even after the adoptee reaches adulthood.
  • As written, HB 4623 creates two classes of adoptees: those born before 1946, who are entitled to their OBC and those born after January 1, 1946 who are not.
  • As written, HB 4623 allows birth parents wishing no contact to exercise an access veto. But no adult should have the ability to supercede another adult’s right to THEIR OWN vital information.
  • Confidential intermediary programs are not a substitute for equal rights under the law.
  • There is no precedent in Illinois for any branch of the state government to withhold identity information from any of its adult citizens.
  • Restoration of an adult’s right of access to his/her own birth certificate is about identity. It has nothing to do with search, reunion and/or medical histories.

Don’t let others claim to speak for you. If you believe, as I do, that access to adoption records should be restored, then let your voice be heard.

If you like, you are welcome to post your letters here on my blog, or send them to me and I would be glad to post them on your behalf. Our efforts to educate legislators and the general public about open adoption records is making an impact. With your help, Illinois can once again become a civilized place where all citizens are treated equally.


  1. It is vital that we continue to educate the legislators and the public about how important it is to open records to adoptees in Illinois. I feel that many are ignorant about the fact that an adoptee can’t obtain their OBC because after all, they just request their OBC and receive it. The Registry and CI program are not effective but there are many I’m sure among those not personally touched by adoption who might think it is the answer. Everyone needs to write to the State Representatives as well as to editors of newspapers. Not all letters are published in newspapers but if we flood them with letters, perhaps a news reporter will cover HB 4623 and publish our concerns. Don’t forget the genealogy columists in the newspapers because many tracing their family history do run across a grandparent or great-grandparent who was adopted and can’t get their record.

  2. Thanks for all the good information, Triona.