Not Too Late For Adoptees’ Rights! Write Illinois Legislators Opposing HB 4623

The deadline for Illinois HB 4623 has been extended until May 31, so there is still time to write our legislators and urge them to oppose it.

If you still believe we need to take “small steps” toward adoptee rights, and that solutions like confidential intermediaries are the ticket, go back and read my blog about my experience, as well as the Adoption Reform Illinois backgrounder on HB 4623.

This bill is nothing more than an entrenchment of an ineffective, unregulated system. Contact our reps TODAY and let them know that Illinois adoptees deserve restored access to their birth records.


  1. This bill represents a real triumph for the adoption-for-profit industry. It is disappointing that its sponsor is an adoptee who, having discovered the facts of her own past, is willing to leave the rest of us in the hands of adoption profiteers. She sought to use every adoption reform group she came across and to keep those with a legitimate interest in the dark about what she was doing. She should be ashamed. When it comes right down to it money talks louder than anything and anyone!

    And the media, too, should be ashamed for reporting this legislation uncritically, without balance or fairness, in a way that made it impossible not to speculate that they were biased. I hope only ignorance was behind these glowing reports of a plan to continue treating adults as children, incapable of managing their own affairs and ignoring the comments of mothers who surrendered a child to adoption that they were not promised secrecy nor did they want it.

  2. I urge everyone to contact the IL State Representatives. What Rep. Feigenholtz has done is not acceptable. It makes one suspect that either she is profiting from the Adoption Registry and CI Program or one or more of the contributors to her campaign are making a profit. Why else would someone want to keep the Registry and CI program intact? Why is Feigenholtz so sneaky about what she does? If she would run for another term in office, please don’t vote for her.