I’ll Be Double-Dipped… And So Will You

Charging for post-adoption services is obscene.

Call it the adoption industry’s latest fad. In response to adoptees’ insistence upon their rights, a slew of post-adoption “services” have appeared. As I wrote in my last entry, these “services” do a grave disservice to adoptees and adoption in general.

Post-adoption service fees range from free to exhorbitant, but are usually expensive enough to shut out a significant segment of the searching population. In a world where the nonadopted pay a few dollars to their local health department, adoptees have the option of paying hundreds for the faint hope of information that may not even be correct.

The adoption industry claims it “needs” the fees to cover the legwork of the search… legwork that would be unnecessary if the whole scam of sealed adoption records were revealed for what it is. Adoption professionals have known for decades that background data was vital to the health and well-being of the adopted and their families, yet even today this information is consistently not obtained.

It’s security through obscurity, as we say in the IT world. If the adoption industry doesn’t take the information, it can charge to look later. Hooray for the profit line! And adoptees will never realize they’ve been double-dipped. If they question it, you can roll your eyes and gently suggest they might benefit from counseling.

Post-adoption services don’t need to charge high fees. In fact, they don’t need to exist. The world continued to exist millenia before twentieth-century nutters like Georgia Tann decided that prohibiting adoptee access to records was the best way to hide their own quasi-legal practices. And the world will continue, long after those who insist upon sealed records have ceased their time on this Earth. Closed records will become a footnote in history, and future generations will wonder at the antiquated notion of blocking individuals from their birthright simply for having been born under the wrong circumstances.

Meanwhile, the adoption industry will rack up what it can, at your expense. Will you be double-dipped, or will you stand up for your rights as an adopted adult?


  1. Who’d have guessed that unplanned offspring were worth their weight in gold. But we are! They charge adoptive parents to adopt and then charge the adoptees to access information that should never have been hidden from us.

  2. http://LisaKay says

    AND they charged the birth mother to stay in a maternity home and give birth.

    Lisa Kay
    Florida Adoptee
    b. January 1963
    Gainesville, FL

    ISO nonID, bM, et al

  3. This was a well written blog and one that gives information to the public that should be known. I feel that many who have not been personally touched by adoption don’t have a clue about adoptees being robbed of their identity, only to be sometimes charged outrageous fees to obtain information that should not be kept from them in the first place. It is no wonder that some of the strongest opponents to open records are those who are making money from them remaining closed.